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The W8NBA 147.33 CORC IRLP Node 8094
The Central Ohio Radio Club, Inc. sponsors and maintains IRLP node 8094. While we do not require you to be a member to use the IRLP node occasionally, we hope that you will join the club and support the repeater if you plan on using it on a regular basis.

When accessing the 147.33 repeater, please allow time to make sure that the IRLP unit is not in use by someone else before marking on.  Please listen for at least 15 to 20 seconds before transmitting as the audio is delayed when using IRLP, and may take some time to respond.  The repeater can be used for normal conversation when not being used for IRLP.  An easy way to check if the node is connected is to touchtone in digits “111”.  It will tell you if a node is connected.   

Using the node is very easy, but please read these instructions before doing so.  First you need to look up the node you want to connect to.  A list of nodes is provided at www.irlp.net.  A typical connection might be  “Your Call accessing the node” and then using your touchtone pad dialing in the 4 digit code you looked up earlier.  The IRLP unit will respond “IRLP connecting to node “XXXX”.  You can then call CQ or the station you are wanting to connect with.  

If a conversation is already going on at that node, you should wait until it is over to make your call or disconnect.  Another highly suggested action is to check your signal level and audio quality by send a test transmission to the Echo Reflector 9990.  After being told you are connected to the reflector key up and  say something similar to “YOUR CALL testing, 1,2,3” and release the key.  Very shortly what you have said will be re-played to you.  Listen and see if you feel this is a quality signal that would be understandable to another station over IRLP.  PLEASE do not connect to a reflector if you don’t know your signal quality into the node!  Some of the reflectors are connected to 80 to 120 nodes and those nodes do not want to listen to a noisy signal! Stations connected to a reflector without adequate signal quality or without identifying will be disconnected by a Control Operator!  

Disconnecting is also easy.  Just dial in “73” and the node will disconnect you.  Again, you should wait until there is no conversation going on to disconnect.   That's all there is to it.  If you need more help please contact W8NBA, Joe, at irlp@corc.us

More information on IRLP can be found at www.irlp.net . We suggest you read the information there prior to trying to use the IRLP node.

Thank You,

Please review the revised IRLP use instructions!