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Amateur Community

The Central Ohio Radio Club (CORC) now has a new resource for the area hams that are interested in keeping in touch or are interested in working stations that on the H.F. bands would be considered DX. The W8CMH repeater system that I formally owned has been transferred to CORC so that it will remain a Central Ohio amateur radio resource for years to come.

Using D-Star is just like using the local FM repeaters; however, it offers outstanding signal to noise performance and the ability to send data and location information along with the transmission. There is natural voice sound and no ‘frying’ or noise sounds as signal levels drop.

With a D-Star Gateway system you have the advantages of keeping in touch with your mobile contacts by call sign routing. If the operator that you want to talk to is not in range of your local D-Star system, you can use call routing to find them on the last D-Star system that they were using. For more information about the great features of D-Star you can explore the FAQs and other information at http://www.dstarinfo.com/

Remember, that to use the advanced features of D-Star you must be registered at one (and only one) Gateway system that is your link to the world wide trust network. This will be your “home” system that you use for local conversations. With the advanced features that local repeater (node) can be linked to a worldwide network of hundreds of other D-Star systems and Reflectors that are used to tie special use groups (ARES, Severe Weather and others) or areas such as Ohio or FEMA Regions. For more information about the D-Star Reflectors use the above like to the reflector site or use the following URL: http://www.dstarinfo.com/reflectors.aspx

If you are on D-Star or soon to be on it and don’t have a “home” system you can register as a D-Star user at https://w8cmh.no-ip.org/Dstar.do
(Note: You will get a certificate error message from most browsers if your security settings are high. It is safe to proceed. This issue will be fixed in the future but there should not be a security problem.) If you follow the instructions and start your registration process, I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

If you just want to see who is on D-Star, you can follow this URL: http://www.dstarusers.org/viewrepeater.php?system=W8CMH

Do let us know if you have questions about D-Star and above all enjoy!
73, Trigg K8NIO
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